About Run Out Marathon

Formerly known as Dusty Monkeys, we were founded in 2012 by Delon Leong. Together with five friends (Carson, Chuan, Jocelyn, Kezvin and Ming), we expanded from locally to internationally. Together with 2 other fulltime employees and interns from all over the world, we are one family of enthusiastic and driven organizers.

We are committed to providing a platform that delivers unforgettable experiences. With an ever growing list of event brands driven by quality experience, attendees and participants are able to experience a variety of enjoyable yet amazing moments.

Monkey Theory do not only organize home-grown events like Brooks Run Out Pahang International Marathon, but also Slide The City, Run For Your Lives and Million Dollar Feet. These are all sportive events but with total different assumptions.

We are committed and live by the mission to turn an idea, imaginary and dream into reality. The vision is to unite people by putting joy in each of every person with happiness experience.